Why Assetax Financials?

We here at Assetax Financials, work with commitment to become an asset for our clients. In the market where financial consultants lack focus towards the core issues relating to client expectancy, we thrive to guide and assist not only our business clients but to the public individuals taking steps to start their businesses and contribute towards the economy.

10 Reasons to choose Assetax Financials over other firms:

Asset to our clients!

1. Client satisfaction  Client status is evaluated on a weekly basis, and your 100% satisfaction is always our top priority.

2. Easily accessible – Your phone calls and emails will be answered within 24 hours.

3. Your financial data will be kept confidential & secure – we protect your records on cloud storage to avoid any damages and easy excess.

4. Annual financial & tax stewardship meeting – We review your financial statements and make recommendations on financial and tax strategy in a face to face meeting or phone conference.

5. Free Audit protection – If you get audited, we will be available to coordinate with the auditors on your behalf without charging our time.

6. Saving you money through tax strategy – We save you money by implementing numerous tax strategies of tax reductions & credits.

7. Low cost solutions by Certified Chartered Accountants – Competitive pricing with quality work done as compared to other chartered accountant firms.

8. Transparent Fees Model – Consulting fees are listed on the website, along with an option to choose monthly packages as per your business needs.

9. Guaranteed strict adherence with deadlines to avoid any penalties – If we don’t file any forms or make a tax deposit on time, then we will pay any tax penalties on your behalf.

10. Free unlimited year-round consultation – Regarding accounting, tax, and business matters throughout the year. You also have access to our newsletters for any notifications.